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Pratoni del Vivaro SJ

19th September 2022
All the NZ horses looked brilliant in the early morning sunshine in Pratoni at the jog, as did most of the horses from the other nations.  Some 27 nations and 88 competitors had come forward on Wednesday and there were...
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Pratoni del Vivaro Cross Country

17th September 2022
Fun but not fun....thats how I describe cross country day at a World Championship.  It's so much fun when it's over and its all gone well and it's so not fun when its over and the hindsight rocks in.  Today...
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Pratoni del Vivaro Friday Dressage

16th September 2022
With two superb team scores from Monica Spencer and Artist (Max) and Clarke Johnstone and Menlo Park (Jacko) in the club house there was plenty to play for for Tim and Jonelle today.  Monica threw down the gauntlet as first...
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Pratoni del Vivaro Jog

15th September 2022
Another glorious day at Pratoni del Vivaro with sunshine in the valley and the majestic sight of the wooded mountains as a backdrop which is so synonymous with this venue.  Kiwis won gold here in 1998 when the World Championships...
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Cornbury Park

11th September 2022
I would imagine that this time last week Cornbury Park must have looked as brown and dry as the rest of the South but since we have had what seems like a whole summers rain in the last week (most...
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Burghley Show Jumping.

4th September 2022
The three Team Price horses looked a picture at the jog this morning and Vitali showed he has not lost any of his opinions when it comes to having his say and despite some sassy moves he trotted up looking...
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Burghley Cross Country

3rd September 2022
The rain that had been forecast all week never materialised and another sunny warm day saw huge crowds swarm into the Park for cross country day.  As always it was a long old wait until Tim left the start box...
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Burghley Dressage Friday

2nd September 2022
First in today and minus the sunshine of the last few weeks but still Vitali sparkled.  As Tim said afterwards, he is a funny horse, when he is onside he is amazing but if he loses concentration he can get...
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Burghley Dressage, Thursday.

1st September 2022
Another glorious day at Burghley today and the crowds flocked in to enjoy their first chance of shopping in the trade stands for three years and even the dressage stands, usually fairly sparse on a Thursday morning, were full of...
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Burghley Jog Wednesday.

31st August 2022
The last day of meteorological summer and the jog at Burghley...Autumn must be on the horizon.  Allot of the beautiful park at Burghley is brown, testament to the fabulous summer that we have had but they have a built in...
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Wellington International

30th August 2022
The impending World Championships have necessitated a few changes so Jonelle found herself contesting the 3*Short at Wellington with Fernhill Kankan and Full Monty de Lacense (FM) instead of the intermediate.  Huge thanks to Diane Miller who made the impossible...
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Frickley Park.

20th August 2022
A first foray up north to Frickley Park, born more out of necessity than curiosity as it was the only intermediate track running in the whole of the UK.  Yorkshire is a fair hike from Marlborough but in true Price...
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West Wilts Equestrian Centre

16th August 2022
The team got home from Le Pin au Haras in the early hours of Monday morning and it was back to work to ride the WWEC  and the Frickley horses (who compete on Friday). Monday afternoon saw some drizzle in...
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Le Pin au Haras Cross Country and Showjumping.

14th August 2022
Saturday was as hot, probably hotter than it had been all week and there was a request from team Chef's  to swop the 2Long and 4Short times around so that the advanced horses started at 8.30 am but that was...
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Le Pin au Haras

13th August 2022
Friday dawned with crystal clear blue skies and another hot day in store.  Tim and Happy Boy did a beautiful test in sweltering temps proving yet again that Happy loves France!  The overall way of going is of an uphill...
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