WWEC and Burghley news.

WWEC and Burghley news.

A real bread and butter day with youngsters at WWEC in one of the filthiest August days we have had in a long time! After a Tuesday spent in T shirts and sunglasses Wednesday dawned with lashing rain and gusty winds and it was relentless all day.

Tayla Mason has been riding and has had just one start on De L’Amour ( Della) and Feel the Vibes (Vibe) but she is away travelling this week so it was a last minute swap around as Jonelle showed she is just as talented on a 4 year old as she is at winning the British Open!  In a selfless gesture ( well, either that or I think Lorenzo is actually a bit tall for Vibe and Della!) Jonelle handed her two 5 year olds, C’est Le Bell (Belle) and Totally Cooley (TC) to Lorenzo Monachesi and took on the really raw two for herself to ride.

Della is just 4 and is only allowed to compete at three 90’s for the entire season ( plus the finals at Osberton but believe me, we have been down that road many moons ago with Faerie Dianimo and travelling to Nottingham in October is really not an option!). It is called learning on the job as opposed to qualifying which is lucky as Della is a bit off the pace at present! Never the less a 39, a rail and a single fault cross country is pretty good going for such a baby in such horrible conditions.

Vibe is an ex racehorse and the whole notion of flatwork is still pretty alien as a mark of 41 demonstrates!  But I do take my hat off to Jonelle, that was followed by a double clear which is impressive to day the least!  Vibe clearly has what it takes to look like he has a future… and being by the Group 1 winner Medicean he is never going to find time a problem.

Lorenzo then got to look pretty cool as Belle and TC have benefited from a  few runs under their belt and a bit more time in the game! Lorenzo did compete them at 90 so he knows them well enough and it was great to see that they both finished in the too 10 with Belle scoring a 29 and a double clear and TC a 33 and a double clear.

Tim and his new secret weapon, Delarado, (Darcy) smashed out a 27 on the flat before continuing to further her education with the next two phases.  Darcy is smart and careful and its so important to run these youngsters in whatever the weather Gods throw at them…. one day they might find that useful when they head to Boekelo!

Kilbunny Lualaba (Lilly) is a bigger model and she coped very well with a 32 and a double clear which left her in 7th spot in her section. 4 double clears out of 6 green newbies is a pretty impressive stat for the day I think!

In other news…. sadly we have to wave goodbye to Molly’s chances of winning Burghley this year.  The statement below is from Jonelle:

“Our incredible Classic Moet will sadly miss Burghley this year.Whilst flying around the cross country at Gatcombe Park and winning the British Open she picked up a tiny puncture wound to her knee which required surgery to flush the joint.  Thanks to the team at Valley Equine she is recovering really well, wondering what all the suss was about.

Of course hugely disappointing for her owner, Trisha Rickards, myself and the team-Burghley is made for her! Yet with ’17 Otis duties and ’18 WEG duties the stars have not aligned once again! Bring on Badminton in the spring and beyond!

I truly believe that Molly will add Burghley to her Badminton triumph… just looks as though we will have to wait another year.  Just check out the video of her winning Gatcombe below (courtesy of Eventful Life) and revel in the fun that Molly has when she gets to go cross country fast….