West Wilts Equestrian Centre.

West Wilts Equestrian Centre.

A quiet weekend by Team Price standards as it was just a one day with some youngsters for Jonelle on Sunday.

WWEC is a funny venue in some ways as the showjumping is on the big main arena surface with the warm up to one side of it.  Its kind of buzzy and very close to the main action with the cross country running behind it so hard for the horses to concentrate and the cross country runs through and around several fields so its not a galloping track as such but it does tend to veer from rather small and simple to quite the step up combination!  It’s one of those courses where you can jump a big hedge in the fence line then suddenly find a skinny brush off to the left on landing.

Anyway, as Jonelle says, the organisers are very helpful and its fairly local so its always supported.  Cooley Seeing Magic (Guthrie) is pretty established at novice now but decided to test out some new moves in the warm up for the dressage and got quite cheeky in the process.  He scored a 37 as he was naughty in the canter work but it’s a typical young horse testing the water move and he was good in the jumping phases.

Dromgurrihy Gold ( Dara) did one of his first events at WWEC last year and this time he returned  to contest his first novice.  Poor Dara has just got to grips with the BE100 dressage and he was a bit surprised to find there was quite allot more required in the step up!  He is nothing if not a trier though and he  really excelled himself  in the jumping phases to come home with a double clear and that shows just how much he has gained in experience over the last year.

Faerie Deodoro (Milo Jnr or Baby J depending on your preference) might have two stable names but he has one agenda right now and that is to embarrass his mother to the hilt.  Whilst Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May) was prepping for her return to Luhmuhlen 5 star this week where she has both won and been runner up Milo was being the sulky teenager at his first event of 2022.  He didnt cover himself in glory in his few runs in 2021 but he did get to go hunting for a few weeks with Beanie Sturgess with the Beaufort and hopes were high that he would transform into a class event horse like Xavier Faer (Hugo) did all those years ago.

It would appear the penny hasn’t quite dropped yet.  The dressage was ok, he managed to leave all of the show jumps up except the last (which is a major improvement) and he only picked up one 20 xc at a one stride double at no.6.  It did take Jonelle a fair amount of time however and she returned with some 34 time faults and declared it “quite the work out”.

Even more annoying is the fact that Milo is simply beautiful!  He is like one of those china horses people have as ornaments, a stunning dapple grey equine equivalent of a movie star.  His mother is mortified and hopefully Milo will decide to try and impress her instead over the course of the summer!