Wellington Tuesday

Wellington Tuesday

Jonelle headed back to Wellington with her three first time novices on a cool and breezy last day of September. The dressage test was 131 which Jonelle describes as “the hardest novice dressage test EVER” which was quite tough on all three as they have only just got the hang of the 100 tests!  Cooley Seeing Magic  (Guthrie) coped pretty well but Fernhill Kankan and Full Monty de Lasence (FM) are a bit green to deal with medium canter, medium trot and leg yielding all in a 20 x 40 at this stage! They all tried their best which is what matters.

Guthrie knocked a pole at fence 4 and then upped his game to complete a lovely round showjumping. Kankan and FM jumped nice clears and then Kankan popped around the cross country with no dramas which Jonelle described as a “pleasant surprise”.  Kankan won her first BE point which is a pretty awesome way to start your novice career with her double clear.  Guthrie also went around with a nice clear but his point eluded him as he had had a rail which is quite ironic considering he is a very talented Showjumper!

FM really, really wants to be an event horse.  He is still really green and convinced that the cross country has dragons everywhere but he is determined to Man Up and get to the other side!  The coffin of doom caught him out slightly as it was quite hard: a rail then a ditch then a triple brush which is allot to take in when you have a handful of 100’s under your belt! He stopped at the rail in, then was brave enough to give it a go and had a bit of a gawp at the ditch which Jonelle thought was fine but clearly the jump judge called it a hesitation and gave him 40 for a second fault at the same combination ( harsh but true) and then he got out ok and continued on his way with his eyes on stalks!

Jonelle decided that on the whole the day was not as terrifying as it could have been and pronounced herself delighted to have “three new novice horses!”. And, no doubt, happy to see Wellington in her rear view mirror for another year.

A weekend off for Jonelle after her 4 day marathon whilst Tim and his old friend Ringwood Sky Boy (Ozzie) head down to Bicton for the only 5*L in the UK in 2020.