Wellington (Monday)

Wellington (Monday)
Harry gives Abel her first pony ride courtesy of Z’s Jimmy with Otis in charge of the lead rein

Bank holiday Monday.. the last of the summer… and whilst a nice day at Wellington it certainly wasn’t the 35 degrees we enjoyed last year.  The footing was much better as a result though so every cloud….!

Tim and Jonelle had 5 horses running which meant the Midi and the Mini trucks were there as the Maxi is on its way home from Poland. They had not had much sleep having only arrived home themselves just after midnight and with an early dressage it was good that they were able to finish up relatively early in the afternoon.

First up for Tim was Xavier Faer ( Hugo) who did a nice test for a 29 in his OI division and then jumped a beautiful showjumping round before popping round the OI with no drama for 7 time and 8th spot. Funny thing is that it has taken all of Hugo’s 14 years to finally have matured into the class one day act he now is.  He has an incredible record at 5 star with top 3 places at Badminton and Kentucky but at one days, particularly early in the season, he is more like a first timer with spooks in the showjumping and sticky leaps into waters! This year at both Bicton and here was the real deal.  Its lucky his owner/breeder Trisha Rickards is a patient one!

Kincooley Cruising (Minnie) usually throws a blinder on the flat and today was no different with a 24.3. She also jumped a very smooth round and had a lovely gallop cross country to add just 4 faults for 4th spot. She then spent the afternoon sunbathing and being fed carrots by Otis who delighted in his new job. See lead photo!

LVS Movistar ( Joey) was in the intermediate and he posted a 31 on the flat and then gallantly added nothing to it to finish in 3rd.  It’s his 4th double clear with Tim and he is so reliable and genuine we just cannot understand why his advert on Horsequest has not had any takers yet!

Jonelle kicked off her day with Royal Roxey who scored a 33 on the flat and then headed up to the showjumping looking her usual pretty self. She warmed up beautifully and then rather inexplicably went in and had 6 rails.  Back in the warm up she jumped another couple of beautiful fences so its definitely the ring she has an issue with.  Owner Ginny Rusher (and Glynn Norcutt who unfortunately or perhaps in hindsight luckily had to work!) was as baffled as anyone else so whilst Roxey skipped going cross country and settled down for a snooze in the sunshine Jonelle found herself with an unexpected break.

Killbunny Andy (Andy) was next up and he is a cool dude with a great attitude. He scored a 33.4 on the flat and jumped his socks off in the showjumping for a clear before zipping round the cross country to add just 1.6 time and sit in 8th place.  Wellington is a good and decent track with plenty to educate the young horses and Andy found it all much to his liking.

Tuesday saw the novices having a crack at a fairly grown up event for them and it was situation reversed for Tim’s rides Viscount Viktor  and Chio 20.  At Dauntsey Viktor was thrown in the deep end with his first novice and coped magnificently with just a green 20 xc.  Here Viktor was pretty cool with his second novice run for  a 29.5 and a double clear with 10 time whereas Chio was suddenly outside of his newly found comfort zone and after posting a quite stunning 22.5 dressage found the step up to novice in the showjumping a bit tough with his first treble in the ring.  Tim stepped on the gas to help him through it but Chio had already upped his own tempo so he copped the second and third parts for 8 faults.  It’s called a learning curve!

Meanwhile Jonelle was winning points all around with Elixir ( Cedric) who is a bit like the Inspector Clouseau of Pink Panther fame as his French background means that he is basically always looking for an option. He did a nice test, was a brat in he showjumping warm up but then acknowledged that since Jonelle remained firmly in the saddle he would jump a nice clear round in the ring.  He left the start box and jumped his way so competently around the tricky novice track that Jonelle was almost relaxed when he demanded a nano second look at the ditch in the coffin.  Jonelle allowed him his nano second step right for a stride or two before bravely jumping it and was a little bit miffed to hear the jump judge ( who had probably been there since Saturday in fairness) call out 20 penalties.  Hmmmn.  I still think he is going to be special and I know Jonelle is like ” I am SO CLOSE to nailing it!”.

So Tim is cantering around the warm up and hears Jonelle has had a problem at the coffin and is like “Uh Oh”.  To be sure Chio then bawks at the coffin for a 20 and then is totally on the wrong line/off the aids to the arrowhead that follows so Tim does a tactical circle and picks up another 20.

Young horses.  Just is what it is.  Until you come to a girl that is… Diamante ( Monte) who does, to be fair, have a bit more experience under her belt, did a casual 26, rolled a single rail and added just 4 time for 8th.  Nice one Monte.

Sammi Birch then had a small crash cross country so as she was being wheeled into the ambulance Jonelle kindly volunteered to drove her truck and horses home. So a slight re route home after a near record 7 days competing in a row via Cirencester but that sums up the Equestrian community..just unique.

What a world.  We love it.  The eventing one I meant, not the Covid one.