Wellington I, OI and Advanced

Wellington I, OI and Advanced
Credit Anna Franklin Wesko showjumps at Blair Castle CIC 3 ERM

A new crew of groundstaff led by Lucy Miles sorted 6 horses to Wellington this morning… Tim and Jonelle jumped out of the Blair returning truck at 3.30am this morning at Little Thatch with a scheduled 5 am departure for Wellington. Euch!.  Otis and Harriet wisely opted to stay home but luckily the clouds were clearing and whilst not being sunny Wellington was at least not pouring rain like Blair.

The fact that it did rain all day ( and I mean ALL DAY) yesterday was something of a blessing as the lack of mud today spoke volumes of how hard the ground would have been if it had not!  Jonelle noted that the ground for the late intermediates was cutting up an bit and did a tactical ” I am going to WEG.. please can I be trail blazer for the advanced” on Molly which was a great call.

So Classic Moet  ( Molly) scored yet another Price win in the advanced… and the irony of being pushed into 2nd place for the second time in 24 hours by a Price was not lost on Tom McEwen who piloted Zara Tindall’s Watkins into the runner up slot.  A dressage of 33 and a double clear with just 2 time was good enough for a win and that is great omen for WEG… Molly won her only start before Badminton at Belton.  Due to the cancellations this spring and a reviewed plan before WEG its weird to think that this is just Molly and Jonelle’s 4th xc start this year… and with only 3 starts last year since she was 3rd at Burghley in 2016 it just goes to show that these advanced horses really don’t need to keep running.

Back at the sharp end Jonelle also had the intermediate duo of Hester and Grappa Nera ( Grape) .  Hester is all about the business end of things and with her new svelte figure ( which nearly caused owner breeder Lucy Nelson to faint on arrival… her dressage horses do not look like that!) she was all over it with a 34 dressage that she finished on for 2nd.  Hester never ceases to amaze me.. she looks like a diesel but has a V8 that simply purrs cross country.  She is the second event horse bred for dressage to be competed by Jonelle and the other one was Faerie Dianimo so fingers crossed…

Grappa Nera ( Grape) was pretty opinionated as always in the dressage for a 39 but a double clear with just 2 time left her inside the top 10.  Grape is a cool dude and she will get there on the flat.. she has a great group of loyal owners and as I mentioned to them today, Faerie Dianimo didn’t do a test until Blenheim CCI 3 star as an 8 year old when she finally had an audience.  If Grape follows that plan she will be fine!

Tim had the delights of Ascona M ( Ava) who had been without him for the best part of a week and the score of 36 reflected that!  A rail and a few time saw one happy mare feisty after her mini break and that is what you hope for at this time of year.  Also back from a mini break was Kincooley Cruising (Minnie) who was a star in the dressage for a 27 and a double clear for 8th spot.

Spartaco had clearly missed Tim as he did a 37 in his intermediate which was not the norm and also picked up 8 in the showjumping. Business returned to normal with a cool clear cross country but its so hard at this time of year to remain consistent with the younger horses when T and J are away so much.

Anyway… that’s the one days done and dusted til after WEG,  Just the small matter of two horses at Burghley for Tim this coming week… and he heads up there tomorrow with Ringwood  Sky Boy ( Ozzie) and Bango ( Uno).