Wellington Friday

Wellington Friday

I am at risk of boring you to death with posts from Wellington as the crew are there Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  It is fair to say Jonelle was not best pleased to find herself there on Tuesday but the event moved entries left right and centre and we had no control over it!

But to be fair to the amazing scorers and in particular Diane Miller, the ever patient event secretary we have made a raft of requests including multiple changes to the original plan.  They have been incredibly helpful and tried to accommodate our every wish which is both refreshing and encouraging as at one point both Tim and I were at a loss as to which route we had taken to get Jarillo ( Milo) moved to the intermediate.  It turned out that British Eventing had blocked his move to intermediate as they had not yet added his 2nd place at Le Pin au Haras to his record but to be fair to BE when I asked the powers that be to override it they did so with alacrity.  Its exciting to think this may be a Dawn  of a New Era for 2022 entries!

But to return to today… Tim just had the luxury of one ride, Tenz.  Actually its not a luxury having one horse as it means competing one and riding loads from home afterwards. Tenz is becoming uber reliable and added nothing to his 33 dressage to finish in 6th spot and deliver another very satisfying double clear. Jonelle had a far more ‘seat of the pants day’ with the lovely Dromgurrihy Gold (Dara) and Faerie Deodoro (Milo Jnr) who has fast acquired a reputation as Cinderella’s really awful cousin.  Up until now Milo Jnr has come to the ball but abused the vodka ice fountain, vomited in the peonies and offended the hosts.

The dressage judge in Dara’s section was taking her role seriously and the baby attitude to contact ( in a 5 year old at his third start in a 100) clearly wasn’t ticking their boxes.  To be fair, a 14 year old warmblood in his 70th competition should have scored better but a 36 was definitely a little harsh.  Dara took it on the chin and delivered another double clear which when you are 5 and have legs life a giraffe is not really that easy but he did so with aplomb.  We wont tell him that he finished 25th as that would just make him sad, he deserved better!

Milo Jnr has big shoes to fill and so far he is still in clogs.  He scored a 34 on the flat which was another improvement, just had the 12 faults showjumping, again, another improvement ( we are talking baby steps here) and then I wished Jonelle luck as it became evident she was allowed to run cross country.  She sent me a gritted teeth emoji ( I could have attended but the embarrassment of WWEC still hangs in the air) and I followed the live feed hoping my friend would A) survive and B) not suffer another E.

They went clear!  The elation was similar to when his mother got through an entire BYEH qualifier as a 4 year old without any airs above the ground or demotion of her rider to eating turf!

Turns out horseman extradionaire Tim had suggested, after Milo’s demolition of the SJ at Somerford, that Jonelle lunged Milo over some cross country fences ” in order to make him take some responsibility”.  They knew he had been over prepared for WWEC and Somerford, he had spent a year with Aussie superstar Sammi Birch when Jonelle was pregnant, he had been out jumping and schooling and his boyish ” Oh My God” approach to both events was a bit Xavier Faer  many moons ago ( Hugo) and allot ‘really you twat’ and he just needed to man up.  With no rider on his back and a lunge whip up his arse Milo seems to have rounded the curve and finished his 2021 season on a massive high with a 28th place.

Actually his mother would be proud.  Faerie Dianimo ( Maggie May) despises one days run in fields with no spectators. But she always jumps double clear so she would request that he gets his protests sorted and just revolts on the flat.  I mean really Milo, you are a blue blooded ultra special dude with a mother that has been first and second at a 5 star and gone to the Olympics.  Have some pride! And it looks like you have made the first steps to getting there.  Happy days.