Wellington, Bank Holiday Monday

Wellington, Bank Holiday Monday

Finally Team Price got some sunshine but it was at a tough old cost!  They drove overnight from Millstreet in Ireland with two trucks, Hayley, Millie and Ruby, Otis and Harriet, Tim’s mum Raewyn and her friend and Scooby Doo. Oh, and the 6 horses.  As the horse box drove up the drive of Mere Farm the Wellington staff crew arrived on site which consisted of Charlie and Lorenzo.. who was also riding his two horses and the usual quick turnaround ensued.

Tim and Jonelle had ended up dashing back to Little Thatch for 45 mins sleep before they were due to leave for Wellington where Tim had a just after 8 am dressage with Ascona M (Ava).  Ava is many things.. beautiful, talented, brave, flashy… but she is also a truly opinionated mare and the thought of not much sleep and a fresh as a daisy-not-been-out-since-Lumhumlen Ava is something to make you decide maybe breakfast can wait!

Ava threw a few moves in her test that were not required and she sauntered back to the truck with a ” don’t not ride me for a week and expect a test” look on her face but the judge had clearly already fallen in love as she scored a 31.  Jonelle was next out on Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May) who also hasn’t had a run since Aachen as she is also a casualty of Somerford.  Maggie May is a genuine heatseeker and she was loving the rays and apart from a short sequence of tempi changes she was on top form and scored her second best EVER one day score with Jonelle for a 25!  She’s only 14….

Senza Fine was much better behaved for Tim despite also being out for the first time in a while and she actually deserved more than the 31 that she got!  Senza is all about try try try and she has a really good attitude.

By this point it was a good thirty degrees and only Maggie May and I were really loving it! Wellington had tried really hard and some contrast from Millstreet who had been so waterlogged that they considered cancelling whereas Wellington has had a three day relentless heatwave.  The dressage warm up, arenas, showjumping warm up and arena had all been watered as had the track.  Ava cantered into the showjumping did some odd moves whilst heading hard right, turned to fence 1 and galloped to the base before executing some kind of helicopter manoeuvre to clear it.  After that she looked simply amazing but she is a proper handful and Tim does a magnificent job of piloting his flying machine!

Maggie May bounced around clearing everything by a foot as usual and Senza also jumped a really solid clear over what was a decent track in a good sized main arena with plenty going on around it.

Maggie May heads to Burghley in just over a week so no cross country for her as it was still firm enough.  Tim took the scenic route with his two so Senza had a canter round for 20 time and Ava 26 time.  All three had ticked boxes and whilst Lorenzo’s 6 year old struggled a bit today the lovely Euphorie ( Penny) rescued his reputation in front of his mother by posting a 32, a single rail and a clear in time for 8th spot in their intermediate section.

A good day….and a few days to get some sleep before a proper baby day at Sapey beckons at the weekend….