Weisbaden ERM Friday

Weisbaden ERM Friday

Weisbaden is one of the most spectacular of the ERM venues held within the Biebricher Schlosspark where the main competition is the international showjumping and dressage.  Plenty of spectators wander over to watch the eventing dressage so its a busy and buzzy atmosphere right from the get go.

Jonelle is having her first international start with Grovine de Reve and he is a bouncy little number who pretends to be spooky when in fact he is actually lazy and uses it as an excuse to get out of work! He is a brave and bold jumper but as of yet they don’t see eye to eye on the flat with Jonelle saying ” He thinks I am really bossy”.  Can’t really argue with that.  So the dressage is best described as a work in progress with some very good bits and some slight miscommunications which were quite understandable at this stage although I think Jonelle was hoping for slightly more than the 33 she was allocated!

Tim and Wesko ( Dash) are old hands at this sort of atmosphere although it was fair to say Dash was bright enough in his test to make a couple of small errors which just saw them not vying with the leaders. A score of 25.3 was good enough for 5th place but no one could catch local superstars Ingrid Klimke and Hale Bob who were way out in front on a 16.4.

Showjumping at Weisebaden is always tough and makes full use of the main grass arena.  The order is always shuffled around after this phase and with a tight time as well clear rounds were at a premium.  Jonelle and Rev jumped a super round and were unlucky to just come down on the back rail of the plank oxer but they were foot perfect through the combinations. 2 time added to that 4 faults have left them around the bottom of the order but with a very small and classy field of just 15 its not very far down!

Tim and Dash had an unusual 4 faults as well, over the same fence as his stablemate Rev.  Dash was pretty keen which is so good to see at this end of the season as there is a long old way to go! As Tim always says, having the odd rail on such a good jumper when you are not sitting in the lead is never such a bad thing from a training point of view. They now sit in 9th going into the cross country.

And poor Ingrid slid well down the order when Hale Bob picked up 12 jumping faults. Its still a competition unsurprisingly dominated by the Germans but cross country is never a given when the course will be in a restricted area with plenty of twists and turns.

Hopefully some time for a wander with Otis around the venue and perhaps an icecream or two before Tim and Jonelle head out on course tomorrow afternoon.  And they have the bonus of sunshine whereas we seem to have been firmly backtracked into winter!