Tweseldown Monday

Tweseldown Monday

Just Tim today with two young guns….Volani (Arnie) and Chio 20 running intermediate tracks.  Arnie was attempting his second and Chio his second since he came back from a break and it was a good opportunity to see where they both were in terms of fitness and training.

Chio flashed his fancy paces for the dressage judge for a 25, tipped a single rail and was up for all the questions cross country and proved himself on the path to a three day.

Arnie did a good job for a 30, also just nudged a rail and had an educational run cross country ticking all the boxes.  He has come a long way this spring and is ready to show someone else the ropes as he now has all the tools he needs to be a really nice event horse.

A day of test riding and jumping for the Millstreet horses on Tuesday and then Jonelle is off to Bicton with tow rides for a lovely sunny weekend.

Finally, the rain has stopped.