Tweseldown March 8th... just the boys!

Tweseldown March 8th... just the boys!

And we are off eventing!  Well, lets correct that, actually Tim was off eventing, all on his own! ( He did have Scooby as his co pilot however).  Not entirely sure how much help Scooby would be with studs and the like but he would identify the closest food source which is always handy to a man home alone.

Jonelle has flown ahead to NZ as she is doing a spot of coaching with the home based top group of riders and Tim is hosting the rescheduled ERM “yard day” at Mere  Farm tomorrow before flying out tomorrow night to join up with Jonelle and their catch rides at HOYS.

I am not quite sure who made the executive decision to send Tim off on his own with Sue Benson’s Falco but from the plaintive message I received last night I am pretty sure it was not Tim!  Lucy Miles maybe… however, the prospect of doing the entire gig by himself was clearly a sobering thought although since Sue is fairly hands on herself I am sure she took over!  There was a memorable day “back then” when Tim and Jonelle were doing the horses themselves at Pontispool and decreed novices unworthy of studs.  The upshot was Jonelle’s fell over on the flat and Tim’s skidded into the base of a log and ditch and ended up straddled over the top of it.  It was one of the funniest things I have seen… two Prices standing in the middle of the cross country watching one horse gallop loose and another stuck on a 3′ log! To be fair, neither of those horses made it out of novice despite the talented riders they had so maybe they had a point!

Anyway, the season began with ‘situation normal’…. Falco won the dressage in his open novice by several marks and popped a nice double clear after that.  Tim generally doesn’t go for the win in these situations as there is nothing worse than to be seen pot hunting round the smaller classes but it ticked all the boxes for the careful Falco to have an easy run.

Tim has his first run done and dusted… Jonelle will be starting off at CCI 4*S on an unknown horse next weekend!

Check out the HOYS link below: