The Tim Price method!

The Tim Price method!

Breaking in, backing, starting…. it has many names and there are varying methods of doing it but you won’t find a more natural horsemanship approach than Tim’s!

And lets be clear, this is not Parelli or any of those methods, it is literally horsemanship at its most natural.  Tim likes to get the 2 year olds in at this time of year ( they turn 3 on January 1st in the Northern hemisphere) and he spends a few days making friends with them in the stable, they get brushed and the guys play around with “bagging” them which just means letting them get used to cloths and other soft items touching their face and body.  Horses are flight animals, not fight ( with the possible exception of Faerie Fifty Shades aka Ralph!) so this not only makes them less jumpy but to a 2 year old its also a game and fun.

Then Tim does what you see him do in the video… just vaults on in the stable, moves his upper body around and quietly slides off the off side. By the time he has ridden them bareback in the indoor a few times they are relaxed and by the time the saddle and bridle go on they are already familiar with the sensation of having someone on their back.

It is so cool to watch…and so lovely to see horses being started off with such confidence in the rider on top.  Within a few days they are hacking off down the drive with some older horses, dogs following, pigs in the courtyards, chickens squawking, the pet sheep bleating…. cant get a better start! I once sent Tim a particularly tricky young mare to break and said he could keep her until she was civilised. Two weeks later he rode her from Mere Farm to Maizey Manor Farm along bridleways and tracks, crossed the busy A356 ( all with Tonka alongside) and rode her down the drive to prove his point!

The horse below is owned by Susan Lamb, Lyndon McCleod and Sammi Birch and is out of a 3 star mare (Kintara) by Blackjack.

And the last note: Tim does have a hard hat on more often than not these days!