Tatts Saturday

Tatts Saturday

The finale of the CI2*L Young Horse class and in a surprise move the really green Emotion ( Emma) moved ahead of stablemate Happy Boy in the showjumping!  Emma jumped first and wowed us all with a spectacular round where she showed all her talent and all her trust in Tim to be brave enough to take a deep breath and just concentrate on the fences. She jumped clear and then just kept moving up the score board to end up in 9th place.  Happy was also a bit of a star and the way he tackled the treble shows how far he has come in the last 12 months… this time last year he dropped Tim in the treble at Nunney!  He and Tim didn’t quite see eye to eye over one fence which resulted in 4 faults but it was otherwise a great round.  Happy dropped out of the top 10 and Emma made the prizegiving.  Except Emma is really not ready to go back and face the crowds, flags and cheering just yet so Happy got to go instead and he thought it was awesome fun!

After that it was time to move onto the CI3*L cross country and Tim set out on Spartaco to produce a simply beautiful round.  It was a display of accuracy, balance and huge potential and it was like a “how to” video of cross country riding…..if you don’t want to win!  There is nothing like finishing 30 seconds over time to make it look a pleasing picture…Tim just hacked around, Spartaco thought it great craic ( when in Ireland and all that) and he sauntered back to the stables looking very pleased with himself. Tim maintains that the minute markers weren’t quite correct but Jonelle and I maintain he went schooling!

The next round out was far more entertaining to watch.  Jonelle and Lime Rickey have limited experience together and Rickey has actually very low mileage at all outside of novice.  Jonelle set out to give him the benefit of all of her experience and she sat down and rode her butt off to make it happen! Rickey was left in no doubt that when Jonelle says ‘move up’ he needs to move up…apart from picking up 11 penalties for dropping a frangible pin when he saw a gaping ditch under a skinny and sat on the back rail it was a clear round and to be fair to Rickey he got better and better even if he did come home a little shell shocked!  Normally we appeal frangible pin drops but this time we were all very grateful for the MIM technology!

After that excitement it was Grappa Nera’s turn and she and Jonelle simply cruised.  They looked so assured, so together and so much a partnership as Grape ate up every question and relished being allowed to go fast on the perfect ground. An easy clear under time was never in question.

Tim and Senza Fine looked pure class from the offset and they powered around the track with Senza attacking every combination with ears pricked and eyes on the job.  This looks to be the start of the road to the big time for these two and even after she pulled a shoe she never faltered.  They too came home clear under time to sit in 4th overnight.

The CI4*S showjumping didn’t start until 6.30pm but luckily the rain had mostly stayed away and Ascona M (Ava)

entered the warm up looking as good as she has ever done.  It is almost as though going away with the young horses has made her even more aloof and her confidence in herself is at an all time high.  She powered around the track with Tim seeing forward distances and never even breathed on a rail.  It was quite a spectacular display and she retained her lead in the class whilst just adding a few seconds over time which was a calculated risk by Tim.

Every horse in the stable tonight is looking good, ticked all the boxes asked and Charlie, Hayley and Lorenzo have done an amazing job juggling 8 horses in so many classes.  Lorenzo may have been disappointed in Euphorie ( Penny) adding 12 faults in the showjumping which wasn’t the way he wanted his Tatts to end but it’s all great mileage and he did a good job both on Penny and in his work in the barn.