Tattersalls Friday

Tattersalls Friday

Not much sunshine today at Tatts with plenty of rain and wind to add into the mix!  No one is complaining though as the ground is good as a result and the CI2*L cross country ran all day while the other classes finished up their dressage.

Tim and Ascona M did a beautiful test to lead the CI4*S by 3.9 points on a 25.9.  When Ava is good she is very very good and she simply showed off her stunning paces and her scope through the movements.  This bodes very well for Luhmuhlen 5 * later in June!

Senza Fine also went brilliantly to slot into 5th place in the hotly contested CI3*L class scoring a 26.4 which would certainly be her best mark by far at an International.  Tim and Senza have formed a great partnership in such a short space of time and while Senza is all power and big paces she does have a sensitive side which works perfectly with Tim’s style of riding.

Out on the cross country the young horses were getting their first real taste of crowds out on the tracks and a buzzy atmosphere around the waters in particular.  The Ian Stark designed track was both educational and fair and whilst the majority of the horses went clear in time you have to remember it is a 7 year old class and the idea is to leave them confident and ready for the next step up.  All three Mere Farm horses finished on their dressage score with Happy Boy in 9th, Lorenzo Monachesi and his own Euphorie ( Penny) just behind Tim in 11th and Emotion ( Emma) a credible 18th.  They showjump on Saturday lunchtime.

Jonelle and Grappa Nera ( Grape) had plenty of time to prepare for their test in the late afternoon and as Jonelle has always predicted, having Grape here since Tuesday morning has done her the world of good! (Pictured above at Arville last year)  To the delight of her loyal band of owners Grape finally showed in the ring what she is capable of and a score of 29 slotted them into 15th. That’s a long way from scoring an “unqualifying” score in the high 40’s at Barbury last year!