Take a tour round Tim's Chicken coop!

Take a tour round Tim's Chicken coop!

The weather has been nice, the grass is growing, Mere Farm is turning a brighter shade of green by the day.

But what is a boy to do with lockdown time on his hands?  Project Chook of course!  Tim has gone out and bought some shiny new squawky things and in true Price mode has gone a bit west as they are the weirdest looking chickens I have seen.

Not that I am much of a fan of the live version, Tim and I differ somewhat as he likes the feathered variety whereas I favour the roasted version.  Some of these ones have weird heads like dahlias and there are a couple of quite menacing ones that have furry legs and feet.  These ones have an odd walk as though the feathers have got stuck in some tar.  And the noise they make is nothing short of annoying.  I much prefer the gentle hiss they make on the rotisserie.

But I am full of admiration for the chook house itself….. the modern apartment lifestyle choice is simply magnificent!