Sunshine Tour..the last weekend.

How is it even possible that time has flown by so fast that is is already Tim and Jonelle’s last weekend in Spain?  Maybe it’s because February is a short month..maybe because we have not had much reason to be jealous of their weather over the last 10 days!  It is still raining down there although the forecast looks like the sun will come back just as they depart. That really does suck!

Classic Moet ( Molly) decided to put on her jumping shoes this week and after a great schooling session with Luis Alvarez on Wednesday jumped the best round she has done so far which was perfect timing and delighted Jonelle.

Kindred Spirit ( Joey) has also been firing on all cylinders and made Jonelle smile with the way he tackled this track.  They sure have to step up and keeping stepping up with the courses that are built down there which is what you would expect of a truly international jumping venue.

And Cloud Dancer (Marley) continues to dazzle and impress.  This is going to stand him in such good stead for the ERM CIC three stars which are his spring aim.

The young guns are stepping up to the challenge too and with the end of the three weeks jumping in sight it is abundantly obvious what happen when you take a talented young horse that has been trained correctly and put it in this atmosphere.  Hester has been described by Jonelle as “a machine” and whilst she has always had the stature of a big girl now she can say she has properly joined them!

And baby Kalpyso Du Boisson Z… well, he is just 5 years old and look at this baby go!