Strzegom XC

Strzegom XC

News image.. just a shout out to Xavier Faer ( Hugo)! at Kentucky last week.

A day not without pressure for Tim with a Le Lion dAngers qualification in the pipe line for Chio and an Olympic one for Vitali. That really sums it up in terms of having to deliver when you are in the lead in both classes after the dressage.

Chio got to strut his stuff this morning and unfortunately activated a MIN clip which whilst still counts as a MER gives you 11 XC penalties.  Dropping down the order at Strzegom isn’t a problem, we just need to find out whether that counts as a Le Lion qualification as their rules state 0 penalties XC.  We are currently in pursuit of this but Tim said he was delighted with Chio who stepped up a level and answered every question.

Vitali was “class everywhere” according to Tim and looks good tonight.  He said he definitely has his 4*L boots on now and thinks he will have come along for the run.  Tim looked at the long game and picked a few time up to sit in 3rd tonight, he is more focused on the qualification than winning Strzegom for sure!

It has been a tough couple of weeks with odd balls being thrown like the weather in Kentucky, the flights, the curveballs from constantly changing rules and regs…but so far we have ticked every box so fingers crossed we sort this last one and get some more qualifications under the belt.

And its a bank holiday weekend with rain and gales forecast…. what more could we wish for!