Strzegom Sunday, jog and SJ

Strzegom Sunday, jog and SJ

The jog this morning was at 8 am so done bright and early…Megan had the horses looking great and apart from George throwing the occasional cough all was good.  Faerie Magnifico (George) led and Polystar (Nero ) lay in third and the three withdrawals before the showjumping didn’t  affect the top 3.

Jonelle had mentioned that she was regretting not going slightly quicker to give her a fence in hand over Robin Godel in 2nd but in the end she didn’t need it….not because it was a fairly tale ending  but because George had a totally uncharacteristic 5 rails.  George has never been super careful but he has never, ever jumped a round like that and Jonelle commented that she thought he had just emptied out and had nothing left in reserve.  He’s been carrying a niggling cough, its been as hot as hell, he is just 9 years old and its his first 4L where he gave his all yesterday and a bit like a child crying at their own birthday party today was just a step too far.

Aaah.. the Brockenhurst Boys Club.  Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May) is one of the few 5* mares and they cotton on quick.  The boys, like Xavier Faer ( Hugo) take a bit longer.  George will win a big one for sure, he’s just pooped right now and needs a holiday.  To his credit he finished up 4th which is no disgrace!

Another legendary day for Nero…he breezed through the jog before jumping his trademark exemplary clear for Tim to finish in the runner up slot.  Talk about role reversal…last week Jonelle was on the old timer that gave her all and Tim on a younger horse who didn’t quite appreciate the significance of the final day and this week it all changes around.  Nero is such a dude and he is now qualified for a 5 star with Tim which was always the aim and picking up a 2nd place is a bonus along the way.  Who ever thought back in the day that the runner up slot at a 4*L would just be a bonus to the bigger picture!

So the horses will travel home and hopefully arrive back from Poland on Tuesday evening. Tim and Jonelle are (also hopefully) flying back by the skin of their teeth on a Wizz Air flight tonight and then its off to Aachen on Wednesday for one of the biggest challenges of 2022.

NZL-Megan Hodder and Polystar I during the Final Horse Inspection for the CCI4*-L. 2022 POL-Strzegom International Horse Trials. Strzegom, Poland. Sunday 26 June 2022. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography