Strzegom jog.

Strzegom jog.

Photo: Credit Mariusz Chmlelinski

Team Price are split this week… Jonelle ( with her Elite Sports Exemption ) has to quarantine at home and at the yard but she is allowed to compete at Cirencester alongside her Kentucky buddies Jesse Campbell and Harry Meade whilst Tim finds himself in Eastern Europe in Strzegom in Poland with 2 horses to qualify.

Vitali and Tim are aiming to qualify as a combination for Tokyo in the 4*L whilst Chio 20 is aiming to pick up the first half of his Le Lion d’Angers requirements with a spin around the 2*L.

Airspace is quiet at the moment and it was a convoluted journey for Tim who had to wait at Heathrow upon return from the US on Tuesday, switch terminals, get yet another swab shoved down his throat and nose, get on a plane to Frankfurt before finally rocking into Warsaw at 10.30pm.  He grabbed some sleep in an airport hotel and then drove the 4 hours to Strzegom on Wednesday morning.  Good to know they are greeted by sunshine and a photo of Tim in a T shirt is in stark contrast to the photos that came out of Kentucky!

Jess Wilson had driven out the Midi truck as a gear truck with the horses all going on Marcio Jorge’s truck so Tim has been absorbed into the Brazilian camp this week.  Vitali can have his moments but he is generally pretty grown up these days and he and Tim are quickly building a partnership.  Just a few one days isn’t the ideal prep for a 4*L but hey ho, neither of them are new to this gig. Vitali was a picture of glowing health and good nature at his jog and his dressage is at 12.43 tomorrow CET which is 11.43 UK time and 10.43pm NZ time.

Chio is a proper lad and happy to try his luck when he can.  He took out Kelsey Biggs  on his way to the jumping on his inaugural event at Barbury last year and landed her in hospital and today he achieved the ultimate accolade of dropping Tim in the arena smack up against the fence. They were just working when he put in one of his spectacular spins and Tim says he now has a “fat hand” but reports nothing is broken!  He then decided that en route to his first trot upon he was so excited he nearly trampled Tim and me thinks Chio might be on the Tim Price Boot Camp Course for Brat Horses this week! Several eventual stars have been through it and we have no doubt that Chio is destined for stardom but he is a punk for sure!

Chio gets to strut his stuff in his first big arena at 9.48 CET which is 8.48 UK and 7.48 pm NZ time  tomorrow.

Livestream on the Strzegom Horse Trials Facebook page.