Strzegom Dressage

Strzegom Dressage

Title photo credit to Alice Dorman.

Team Price have 5 horses out at the Polish venture, 4 of them in the 4*L which makes it a bit of a Price whitewash as there are only 10 in the whole competition!  There are allot of entries for the 4*S which is nice for the organisers and the weather is sunshine and showers which is better than we have here as its just raining non stop!

Food options are quite utilitarian! Credit Jackie Olivier.

I think rain is forecast for the weekend out there but today looked sunny and breezy for the dressage. Its a mix of experience and youth and whilst Falco is in the 4*S so has to wait until tomorrow to do his dancing it was a busy afternoon for Jess and Debs with 4 tests in one afternoon.  First in was Grappa Nera ( Grape) who continued her ascendancy into a grown up with a smart performance for 30.5.  There were a couple of little signs of tension but the quality of the work is just getting better and better. Tim followed closely behind with Spartaco ( Sparty) who looked as at home in the main arena there as he does at Mere Farm.. he really does have an incredible brain!  A couple of little errors left him the smallest of margins ahead of Grape for a 30.2.

Not long to wait for the big guns and Jonelle and McClaren ( Mac) did some impressive trot work and some expressive canter work. The halts were not perfect but the changes were clean and the one mistake in the canter after the walk proved expensive enough to drop him down to a 31.4. Mac still thinks he is the star of the show of course but I am sure that Grape will be making the most of this situation back at the stables!

Our beloved warrior Wesko headed in to bat for the home side and expectations were high.  Tim and his old friend looked very on song as they headed down the centre line but a few rusty moves left them on a 28.7 which is not quite the 4 star mark we expect from Dash these days.  I think Dash was very confused by the lack of the big stadium crowd and thought it some sort of dummy run and he is saving his best bits for tomorrow, he is going to be a bit disappointed when he discovered that was it!

So we have a 1,2,3,4 for team Price which really is pretty cool.  Funny thing is that apart from Dash they are not quite in the order we expected!