Strzegom 4*L, Thursday Dressage

Strzegom 4*L, Thursday Dressage

Photo credit Megan Hodder. Jonelle and George take some time out.  Also known as the shade seekers.

From Germany to Poland… that’s the life of an International eventer.  A much smaller crew this week as Otis and Abel are back at home and its just Tim, Jonelle and Megan Hodder out in Strzegom.  Katherine Coleman kindly took Faerie Magnifico (George) and Polystar (Nero) out in her truck and Jonelle and Tim hopped on a Wizz Air flight out of Luton on Tuesday complete with a stack of XC flags for the event!

Its’ a small field for the 4L, just 18 starters. Strzegom is like Ireland in that they run every class under the sun in the same week to maximise entries so whilst the OC are as accommodating as possible the flip side is that its a little chaotic and the 4L had no practice dressage arena for their warm up.  Jonelle attributed this to George’s slightly ‘not as good as Pratoni del Vivaro’ test but a confirmed score of 28.7 was good enough to take the lead this afternoon.

Tim followed up some 8 minutes later with a smooth and flowing test from Nero which deservedly took the lead on a 27.  To be fair to Nero he has some 7 years on George but to tip my hat to Tim, it’s only his third time in an arena with him!

Looks like a day off tomorrow then cross country on Saturday.  There is live streaming on and scores and timings are on