Smiths Lawn

A quick turnaround after Gatcombe and 5 horses on the horsebox for Smiths Lawn on Monday. It is a classy bunch of 100’s and novices that graced the Windsor venue and team Price certainly took home the lions share of the spoils.

Jonelle had a double with Faerie Magnifio ( George) and Kalypso du Boisson Z ( Kalypso) in the 100 sections.  George was a little superstar to finish on his dressage score of 26.3 while Kalypso added just 2,.4 time to his dressage to finish on 24.2.  We call Kalypso ” the little fella” although I think George is probably smaller!  Kalypso is every teenagers dream horse.. he is flashy, black and eyecatching with a lovely nature and a generous heart.  George is a Brockenhurst Babe so it would actually be his dream to have a teenager ride him as then he could be a proper brat but he is fully aware that Jonelle has his family nailed so he just continues to impress even though he is pretty arrogant!

Taking of arrogant brings us to Tim’s novice ride Happy Boy.  Happy has a proper sense of humour and his antics so far this season have included putting Tim on the deck at Nunney. He is without doubt extraordinarily talented though and Monday saw him breeze through a novice win when he finished on his dressage score of 27.3.  Nice one Tim.

Tim’s 100 ride, Sech’elle ( Shelley) is a Brockenhurst Babe by heritage and she is sharp enough but she also was on fine form for a 27, a rail and just 3 time for 6th.  She is a dapple grey lovely mare who is quite striking and she is certainly one for the future.

Gino Gingerino tackled his first novice with his usual gusto and did himself proud with a 27, a gutsy attempt at the showjumping which saw him come out on the winning side and a great cross country round for a clear and a top 20 placing.

So a great day for the younger members of the team and a very good vibe on the truck on the way home.. three wins out of 5 is pretty cool!