Rolex Kentucky Show Jumping 30th April

Well Tim can finish with pride and more info on his horse which is what he was aiming for ever since the first xc fault yesterday. Ringwood Sky Boy ( Ozzie) dropped two rails after being seriously affected by the heat and humidity of his start time cross country yesterday which was a major positive step… it beat his Badminton drop score of three rails and that was the sort of positive move up Tim was hoping to glean.

So Rolex didnt work so great but now its all focus on Badminton… great that travel mate Zara Tindall finished podium 3rd and Aiden Keogh a PB to finish a 4 star. Badminton here we come!

And a huge shout out to owner Varenna Allen who, with the assistance of daughter Sophie, has golf buggeyed and ventured where no other owner has gone before, has defined the Rolex experience. Go Varenna and Sophie… we salute you!

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