Rolex Kentucky 29th April

I don’t really know what to say… 40 xc jumping faults is so not Ozzie for sure! Like, not EVER!

Jonelle sent a brief message to say that it was hot, that Ozzie dropped off the leg pretty early in the first water which is very unlike him, and then to pick up another late 20 is unheard of.

All I can post tonight is that for some reason Ozzie was not on form today and we will maybe have a few more answers in the morning..

Tim’s interview after xc.

One of the hardest things at the end of a phase that has not gone to plan is having to go and talk to the press crew. Tim does a great job here of explaining something he has not had time to really process and for those of us that know him the ” I am pretty happy actually” would not be winning him any Oscar nominations!

Tim Rolex XC interview

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