Rolex Kentucky 26th April

Simply stunning photo of sunrise over the cross country from Beth today!

In total contrast to the cold and wet weather of last year Beth says the forecast is hot hot for the week ahead… Kentucky is notorious for having very different conditions before and after the lunch breaks so we will see what is in store for this year.

Ozzie certainly looks to be relaxed and happy, enjoying his roll after his bath…

The jog is at 3pm local time which is 8pm in the UK and 7am in New Zealand.

Tim’s thoughts on the track:

“Big enough dimensions, especially as Derek de Grazia regularly uses something big related to an accuarcy question or into water on a big stride. The tecnnical element in the combinations, particularly in the last few minutes, look to have been erased a little more than in the past few years.

Ground is bang on or perhaps a touch quick and should stay that way”.

That is amazing info from Tim and you heard it here first!

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