Pratoni del Vivaro dressage

Pratoni del Vivaro dressage

Photo credit Jade Roberts.  Tim and Sparty in the final warm up.

18 starters in the 4*L today and the judges used the full range of marks open to them with the leader scoring a 25.6 ( Karin Donkers) and at no. 18 a score of 42.  Thats good judging.

Tim and Spartaco ( Sparty) are just 1.1 off the lead in 3rd spot with 26.7  which is pretty smart and certainly makes the journey worthwhile.  Sparty looked to have warmed up well thanks to Jade Roberts photos with the usual Sparty mode of no drama, all just a case of ticking boxes and honing some final ring skills.

The cross country at Pratoni has always been testing and years ago (1995?) it hosted an Open European Championship where the Kiwis, Aussies and Japs were able to compete in order to attain qualification for Atlanta Olympics.  It was a tough XC track with what was then a brutal steeplechase (thankfully no longer required) and really favoured a great cross country combination.  Tim and Sparty flogged around a bottomless Millstreet back in the spring so I think they should be well ready for what ever tomorrow brings.

Lets hope so!