Pratoni del Vivaro dressage

Pratoni del Vivaro dressage

Photo credit: Alice Dorman.  Tim has a practice jump on Falco at Pratoni.

NZ had drawn team number 2 so all four nations Cup Team members did their dressage today.

Jonelle was no.3 so went late morning when it was hot enough for her not to don her tailcoat until right before the test.  Faerie Magnifico ( George) was simply magnificent and was a testament to Jonelle’s training of him ( she has schooled him since he was 4) as he was foot perfect throughout the test and his score of  25.9 was just 1.1 off the legendary Hale Bob and Ingrid Klimke at 18 years of age still strutting his stuff.  That is quite the achievement for Jonelle and young George, half Hale Bob’s age!  The trot work was superb, the halt and rein back near perfect, the walk relaxed and with a huge overtrack and great canter work and changes.  They went into 3rd spot just a whisker off the lead.

Tim and Falco went after lunch although we didn’t get to see it on the livestream as the camera crew went all siesta and didn’t return until 3pm UK time.  Reports from on the ground said superb trot work, a tiny bit of tension in the canter and a couple of anticipated changes but good enough for less than 0.7 behind Jonelle and George on 26.9 and 7th at the end of day one marking.  I would say Falco is sitting pretty smug right now no matter what George throws at him over the stable door as no one show jumps like Falco. One can only imagine how the ‘angry little man’ has turned into the ‘cocky little fella’ tonight and how annoying that would be to be stabled next to him.   George has thankfully left his alter ego Geoffrey ( the twat) behind in the UK hence his exemplary display on the flat today and long may it last.  Hopefully Geoffrey got snickered by customs at Calais.

Day “off” for our crew tomorrow whilst they wait for the Saturday cross country.  I think the boys have some golf planned and Jonelle has mentioned a few times that the 3m open ditch in the middle of the field mid cross country is a tad worrying to her so I have no doubt she will be re inspecting that.  A few times.  Lets hope Geoffrey doesn’t make a late appearance!