Pratoni del Vivaro Cross Country

Pratoni del Vivaro Cross Country

Tim and Spartaco (Sparty) sit in 3rd place at the end of cross country today and Tim professed himself “really happy to be in 3rd” and added that Sparty had pulled up well.

He said it was a strong track with decent questions and that Sparty answered all of them and never looked for anything but the next flags.  It was a stamina question too with some steep climbs and a clever course designer who “clearly knew his terrain” as Tim hadn’t thought the time would be as tight as it was with only Sandra Aufarth skipping round a couple of seconds under.  Tim was 3rd fastest with 8.8 time and said he probably lost a bit of it on the hills but also that it “felt like a bit like being back in NZ with no galloping lanes to guide you” which also contributes when its your first time at a venue.

He added that the footing was amazing ( not something you would find in many places in Europe in November) and that it was good to get a feel of the place before WEG 2022.  He also said he had been diligently checking out the local restaurants to ensure that we prebook the best ones for next year which shows Tim’s love for Italian food!

Sparty has really stepped up this week….his last three day was a proper slog in the bottomless mud of a very wet Millstreet in the spring but he came out and attacked yet another 4*L with his usual good humour.  He really is a dude of a horse, no dramas, no histrionics, no hissy fits, just gets better each time out and is happy to let Tim tell him what to do and where to go.

And Tim was also happy to mention that he is “very glad” to have the last XC of the season under his belt as it has been a seriously long one and whilst he is looking forward to jumping Sparty tomorrow he is also happy to be at his last competition of 2021.  I can understand that and that he must be dying to get on a plane and get back to Jonelle, Otis and Abel with a few easy weekends on the horizon.