A nice sunny day and a trip down South at the start of half term with half of the UK it would seem! Pontispool is run on a farm with a river flowing through it near Taunton and has a kind of old fashioned feel to it with the dressage held in fields on one side and the showjumping on a surface. The cross country track is a bit different as well with river crossings and good use made of natural features so its always educational.

Tim decided he wanted one more run with Emotion ( Emma) before Tatts next week and Pontispool kindly gave him a late entry into the Open Novice.  It proved to be a smart decision on Tim’s part as after a 26.5 dressage and a single pole out of the double Emma scampered around the cross country to take the class.

Also having a last minute prep run before Tatts was Happy Boy.  Happy had been pretty naughty in the dressage at Tweseldown last week and another run seemed a good idea!  Tim was pretty happy that after some solid work this week, “a bit less food and allot more concentration from Happy” resulted in him producing the sort of work he does at home for a score of 30 and a double clear for 2nd in his section.

Talking of being naughty in the dressage brings us to Faerie Dianimo ( Maggie May).  This week Jonelle got two stunning medium trots out of her before it all went West in the shoulder in and the freestyle came back.  As Tim commented, it must have been fairly difficult to judge! I think the judge erred on the generous side for a 42 and the look on Maggie May’s face as she sauntered out of the ring on a long rein was one of pure ‘one upmanship’! A beautiful round showjumping followed and there was never any intention of Maggie May running cross country just 5 days after Tweseldown…. that’s a young horses game!

With Tim sitting on a 1-2 and Jonelle not going anywhere near the rosettes with Maggie May the pressure was on a bit and Cloud Dancer (Marley) came to the rescue with a stunning test for a 22 in the OI class. He backed that up with a super double clear and won yet another class to add to his enormous tally of wins.

Cooley Showtime was just a tiny bit cheeky in his dressage  for a 28 but he wasn’t going to be totally outdone by Marley so he then also jumped his socks off for a double clear to take the runner up slot.  Jonelle now had a 1-2 of her own and equality was resumed in Team Price.

Lime Rickey had a bit of a shock at Tweseldown as it was a big day out for a horse with limited experience so he had a super Tatts prep with a 30 dressage, just the last element of the treble being tipped and a confident clear for 6th spot in his intermediate section.

That is the last of the one days for a while as we move on to the Spring & Summer Internationals with Tatts, Weiesbaden, Luhmuhlen and Arville in the next few weeks.  Too much fun!