A speedy turnaround for Pontispool on Monday morning with two horse boxes and 9 horses heading down the M5 and with a 4 am departure time to boot!

Jonelle had a relatively easy day with just her two Gatcombe rerouters who both put up much better performances.  Grovine de Reve has definitely sharpened up again and a 30 dressage followed by an assured double clear has definitely set him up for Lignieres ERM in October.

Curly Girl has settled down more and a 33, a couple of poles and a much more rideable cross country round meant that she has finished her 2019 competition season in good form and with a huge amount more experience than she started with.

Tim had Ascona M ( Ava) has his Gatcombe re route as she was pretty wild still! Today Ava also began to settle down a bit more and a lovely test for a 26 showed that before a slow double clear set her up nicely for Ligniere as well.  Spartacus ( Sparty) is always relaxed and he finished his prep for France with a 30 dressage and a double clear for 6th.

Happy Boy found himself at Pontispool after pulling a trick at Gatcombe and this time he not only did all three phases but did them well enough to finish in 3rd, adding just 3.6 Tim to his 32 dressage.  Happy heads to France as well as he is destined for the Young Horse Championships in Le Lion d’Angers.  Emotion (Emma) was also pretty assured and with a 29 dressage, a pole in the always technical and up to height showjumping and despite a complete communication breakdown between her and Tim at fence 4 went very well!  Emma didn’t actually do anything wrong but she ended up with a 20 on her card which Tim was quick to take the blame for!

Star of the day was Lime Rickey who scored a 26 on the flat and then put up a stellar performance to win his section with a double clear and just 3.6 time.  It’s Rickey’s first win of the season and he certainly has put it all together at the perfect time before he heads out Ligniere for his end of season run.

Thats the last of the big one days for 2019 with just some novice days left to run for the young horses.  The next month sees the team mostly in France with Lignieres and Le Lion d’Angers followed by the finale at Pau with Wesko and Ava in the 5 star.