Pau SJ Sunday

Pau SJ Sunday

And so the season comes to an end… in beautiful sunshine with Queen Ava ( Ascona M) who jumped her socks off today in the tough arena which only saw three clear rounds in the top 10 (and 4 in total) to post a double clear and climb another place to 6th.  2019 is Ava’s first year at 5 star proper and to win Luhmuhlen and place 6th at a vintage Pau speaks volumes for the brave and gutsy mare that she is.

Tim did his usual amazing job of harnessing Ava’s raw power without compromising her jump. Ava is without doubt a queen but every Queen needs a Kingmaker behind them and they are an amazing partnership that thrive off the challenge of one another.

Wesko ( Dash) is fine and will come home to a holiday and a new route to Tokyo and the whole of Team Price can be justifiably proud of the whole of the 2019 season.  It has been fun, intriguing, hard work, many thousands of miles have been travelled, much fun has been had but above all it is such a solid team that evolves throughout the season and is always led by the same old mantra…the horses come first.

Be proud if you are a part of it because we have bigger targets to aim for in 2020… lets continue the journey and we will keep you posted over the winter with regular updates.

But for now, rest assured that as I write I am watching Tim deal with a fairly excited Ava in the strangest prize giving you will ever see at Pau where they have hundreds of volunteers, dancing horses on pogo sticks and various other odd sights.  It wouldn’t be the end of the season without a Pau prizegiving. As always huge congrats to Tim  who has bust a gut to give his best at this end of the season and will hopefully regain the No.1 FEI slot!