Pau jog.

Pau jog.
NZL-Tim Price presents Ascona M during the First Horse Inspection for the CCI4*. 2018 FRA-4 Etoiles de Pau. Domaine de Sers. Thursday 25 October. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Pau is quite different to most of the 4 stars and they like to do things their own way.  Hence the first jog for the 4 star is held at 8am just as the sun is peeking above the horizon and results in frozen participants as its pretty chilly at the base of the Pyrenees at dawn!

Ascona M ( Ava) looks plenty warm enough as supergroom Lucy Miles has clearly just whipped off her fleecy rug in the main photo but quite gratifying to see equine superphysio Alice Dorman looking as though mid winter has hit!

When the sun comes up at Pau and the ground temp has risen above minus 2 it really is beautiful though.  The current forecast says 17 and 18 degrees for today and Friday then incoming rain for the weekend which is not so great!

The dressage began for the 4 star after lunch today and then Tim and Ava strut their stuff at 9.13 CET tomorrow morning.  That’s 8.13am in the UK and 8.13 in NZ so actually pretty civilised for once!  I am presuming that Tim and Ava will be checking out their night vision tomorrow morning as Ava preps for her 4 star debut.  The fun part is that all the dressage is being livestreamed on Pau’s facebook page and also on Eventing Nation.. click on the link below to go direct to the livestream and also the usual EN stck of info like ride times, form guide, live scores etc.