Pau dressage day two.

Pau dressage day two.

Well I guess the one thing that you can rely on is that we never know what surprises horses will bring.  Jonelle and Faerie Dianimo ( Maggie May) have not disappointed on the world stage since she was a 7 year old.  Sure, the one day results are mostly wild but our Princess likes crowds, spotlights, cameras and the general public.  Today we had none of the above.

Maggie May warmed up beautifully, went into the arena looking like a star and was trending into the lead until the Extended trot.  Doing her best Valegro interpretation she lost her balance and then basically lost her moral compass and proceeded to be such a diva the she ultimately  scored 36.9 for 40th place.  Jonelle rode beautifully,  Maggie May was at her absolute brat best and  I may be the only person here in Pau who still loves her!  I can only say in her defence that the crowds are very limited and I can only surmise that Maggie May is not a fan of Covid eventing .

Safe to say that Jonelle was less than impressed but the decision was quickly made that there was no point in running XC. Maggie May owes us nothing and if she is not into a sub 30 spot then we save her legs.

All eyes switched too Wesko.  Last to go and with all eyes upon him he went in and busted a gut to pull out a PB for a 23 and 4th which is just 1.7 off the lead  Dash is a total legend and we love him to bits.  He knows his job and he is quite incredible.  He answered every single question and powered his way to the top of the board with a faultless performance to deliver a personal PB and a spot righting touch for the podium finish.

The track is big and imposing and its a proper  5 star. We have four starters and four great chances and so let’s crack on!