Pau dressage

Pau dressage

Well what can possibly beat this? At the end of dressage session 2 Tim leads on Falco with a PB of 22.4 and in 2nd place is none other than Jonelle on 24.4 with McClaren (Mac).

Tim and Jonelle lead the 5 star going into cross country which is not only awesome but  is testament to the whole team at home as well.  To be able to field two Olympic horses ( out of a possible 7 or 8), follow that up with 2 rides at Fairhill (Maryland) 5 star ( Thank you Trisha Rickards for having the faith) and then to pitch up at Pau with 2 new 5 star rookies plus Tayla Mason’s homebred Centennial is pretty amazing.

This doesn’t just happen by accident…its the culmination of years of hard work, sacrifice and very early mornings.  And Tim hates early mornings! Falco has worked his butt off for every mark he scored today, he isn’t a natural dressage horse with amazing paces, he is a great horse with good paces who has been trained and is now learning to show off in the arena.  He deserved his mark today as it has been a long time coming and a total commitment between him and Tim to keep getting better.

McClaren has been frustrating all season at 4* level.  He and Jonelle have consistently performed some great tests without the score we all felt they deserved.  Finally today, at the top 5* level, the judges agreed that his training  is now complete and he can reap the rewards of an upper level test with the best of them to lie in 2nd on a 24.4.

So its another first…… a Tim and Jonelle 1/2 going into XC.  What a journey to get to this point, how may miles travelled and how many hours worked.  Fingers crossed guys for a super day  tomorrow, all links same as yesterdays post re lives stream and results.