Pau 5*L, jog.

Pau 5*L, jog.

The jog at Pau is held at 8.30am on Thursday morning which always makes for a cold and early start! Good weather at Pau means glorious 22 degrees blue sky and  sunshine by day but being at the foot of the Pyrenees means its seriously cold at night.  Hence the wintery pictures at the jog when the sun had only just arisen but both Falco and McClaren ( Mac) looked happy to be on parade.

It’s a first time 5 star for both of them and they are supremely lucky to have two such experienced 5 star campaigners to guide them throughout the week.  Falco ( we hope!) has learned enough to trust Tim’s judgement and that one of his trademark enormous leaps doesn’t always help him get to the B element.  Mac ( we hope!) has decided that the ‘rebel’ route doesn’t win him many polos and the fact that Jonelle really is the boss has sunk in.

Both Falco and Mac will be delighted to be centre stage having played second fiddle to the Tokyo horses since July.  One of the best things about 5* is that every horse gets his own dedicated PA for the week ( or as Xavier Faer aka Hugo sees it, his ‘nanny’) and neither Falco nor Mac are particularly fond of sharing so with Kerryn Edmans working with Falco and Kelsey Biggs working with Mac they will be in the best hands and 7th heaven.

And it wouldn’t be Mac’s debut at 5 star if his buddy Jess Wilson didn’t take her first weekend out from vet school to fly down this weekend to support!  David and Karrie Thomson have been Mac’s biggest supporters from the get go and David is flying the flag for him this week as he has flown in  from the US.

Falco’s long term owner Sue Benson has endured a roller coaster ride since his first BE100 to get to this point and she has amassed quite the team of ‘Falco groupies’ for this trip!  I am sure there will be no shortage of hand grazers… much fun at Pau when a horse and carriage comes flying round the corner of the trot track!

Tim and Jonelle are joined by yard second rider Tayla Mason with her own Centennial  and Maddy Crowe with Waitangi Pinterest.   All of them do dressage tomorrow afternoon ( Friday) and times and results will be posted on    All times are CET and the livestream source is Horse and Country TV which is available to purchase for a single month or a whole year. ( As long as you remember to cancel after the first month that is!)

NZL-Jonelle Price presents McClaren during the 1st Horse Inspection. 2021 FRA-5 Etoiles de Pau CCI5*. Pau, France. Thursday 28 October 2021. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography