Pau 24th October

Jonelle, Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May), Lucy and Woody have arrived in Pau having fought their way through Storm Brian to cross the Channel on Saturday morning!  The official line from the ferries was that none of them were taking horses for at least 48 hours but Jonelle has been planning this trip all year and a little thing like the remnants of a hurricane were certainly not going to get in her way. Sammi Birch’s Hunter Valley was Maggie May’s companion for the trip as Sammi was driving straight to Pau from Le Lion D’Angers in her lorry.

They had a good trip down, stabling at Le Mons on Monday night and arriving in the sunshine at Pau yesterday morning.  Maggie May is eating ( massive bonus as she has a tendency to lean towards anorexia), traveled well and behaving and looks super happy to be back at 4 star.

Photo Credit: Lucy Miles