Moreton Morell

Moreton Morell

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A young horse weekend for team Price at Moreton Morell which Jonelle described as ” a long cold day” which sort of sums up eventing when summer suddenly heads for the Southern Hemisphere.  We have had such an amazing September it’s quite a shock to drop some 15-20 degrees in a single day and the new way of Covid running means drawn out days at the events.

Jonelle just had FaerieFifty Shades of Jarsay ( Frenchie) in the 100 and Elixir in the novice.  Frenchie was his usual obliging self and posted a 31, picked up 4 faults in the showjumping and popped around clear cross country very competently.

Cedric on the other hand is more of the Rebel without a Cause type.  A smart 28 on the flat and a clear showjumping was followed by a “moment” between fences 3 and 4 where he applied the Park and Reverse mode.  Having had his say, picked up a 20 and some extra time faults he then cantered easily around the rest of the track with a smug look on his face.  He is some character and one day it is going to really stand him in stead but right now he is nota endearing himself to his rider!

Tim had the three amigos on Saturday with Chio 20 and Viscount Viktor in the novice and Efeba (Kanga) in the 100.  Midnight Galaxy (Herbie) should have been there as well but this time it was his turn to get balloted as both Chio and Viktor have already been this year. Chio found Moreton Morell a little underwhelming after days out at Hickstead in the main arena and decided to give just 80% for a 30 and a double clear. Viktor posted a 25 which was proper flashy given the low key dressage atmosphere but he still thinks he is in the main arena at Hickstead and hasn’t quite copped onto the fact that the  Moreton Morell showjumping aren is about 1/8 the size and his huge stride needs to be much more compact in order to not get caught out in the combinations.  8 faults added through simple greenness and a 20 XC for the same reasons.  He is just a big young lad learning on the job and that is exactly what events like Moreton are for.

Kanga is becoming very predictable and scored the usual very smart 24 on the flat, zipped cross country with the ease of a pro but pulled a couple of rails in the showjumping.  Sometimes the penny takes a little longer to drop with the youngsters!

Due to a very flashy recent purchase Tim found himself back at Moreton on Sunday afternoon  (which quite frankly is the last thing anyone wants to do ) as balloting rules forbade anyone to ride 4 on the same day.  Jarillo (Milo) is more than exciting enough to warrant this however and Tim is the boy with the bling on this white faced and 4 white socks lovely young horse.  Lucy Allison is a part owner and with his debut effort resulting in a 28.5 and a very cool double clear he looks to be an exciting prospect for the future.

Just a couple more runs left in the UK for this strangest of seasons with Dauntsey on Friday and a trek up to Little Downham advanced for the Pau bound advanced horses on Tuesday before some 5 and half weeks in France beckon for the team with Lignieres, Pau, Kronenberg and Le Pouget all to be undertaken.