August has been pretty disappointing in the UK and we have had plenty of rain and way too much wind over the last couple of weeks!  The grass is very green but the good news is that we are heading for a heatwave for the forthcoming bank holiday weekend which we are all very much looking forward to.

The downside is that the team are in the depths of the Republic of Ireland and it’s really not summer there! Jonelle reports that the ” ground is very wet and they have already taken a loop out of the big class” although they are hoping for an improvement as the week goes on. Somerford ended up cancelling last weekend… first all the National classes on the Friday which was a pain as we had some 12 horses scheduled to go there. Luckily we didn’t have anything entered in the CI3*S or the CI2*S as those classes didn’t get any further than Friday dressage.

They have a very smart bunch of horses though with Jonelle having her debut CI4*L run on Grappa Nera which is fairly impressive at just 8 years old.  Grape is just one point off advanced to date and although we keep mentioning the similarities between her and Faerie Dianimo ( attitude, athleticism, scope, bravery, size, type…. and a fair boredom of dressage!) it is interesting that Maggie May did Blenheim CI4*L (and placed 6th) as an 8 year old which put her well ahead of her age group.  I think Grape is heading down the same route…

Jonelle also has Curly Girl in the CI3*S to further her experience.  Curly is the same age as Grape but has only evented for the past season and a half so way shorter on mileage.  Tim and Emotion (Emma) join them in that class and then Tim has a further three rides in the CI4*S.

Superstar Wesko ( Dash) gets the golden ticket in a hotly contested ERM class which is a first for Millstreet and great for us as we get to watch on .  Fellow stablemates Xavier Faer ( Hug0) and Falco are in the normal CI4*S with two different agendas.  Hugo is a mud lover and will relish the ground while hopefully getting back on track for Burghley after his ‘suddenly amazing’ memory made an appearance at Gatcombe for a run off.  Falco wouldn’t be such a fan of mud as he is a bit of a pretty boy but he has really knuckled down to the gritty side of eventing this year so I am sure he will be competitive.