Millstreet, Friday

Millstreet, Friday

Another busy day for the team and it was the 2L horses and Jonelle who kicked off proceedings today. She was in pretty early with Full Monte de Lasence (FM) who did a lovely test for his 7 years of age, just showing a bit of greenness in the rein back and give and retake of the reins.  His outline was very grown up and he was calm and obedient and his score was just slightly hampered by three judges having him in 5th, 7th and 26th spot for a 34.1.

Fernhill Kankan went close to the end of the class and as much as she may look physically uncannily like Classic Moet (Molly) she has a far more correct way of going!  She was also attentive and obedient, objected slightly to going backwards and also was a bit green in the give and retake but the quality of the work was super. She too is only 7 and the judges were allot closer together with her having her 2nd, 3rd and 7th for an overall score of 31 which leaves her 0.8 behind fellow Kiwi Ginny Thompson on Katchafire.  Nice to see a couple of Kiwis at the top of that scoreboard!

Tim was fairly early on in the 4L in the afternoon with Happy Boy who exuded confidence as always and put in some super work.  They were not throwing marks at him today though which they often do and a 32.2 wouldn’t be Happy’s best 4* mark having thrown down a 25 and a 30 at his two previous 4* starts but he is a super jumper and there is a long way to go before the prize giving. He sits in 14th overnight.

Jonelle and Killbunny Andy did an awesome job to secure an 11th place finish with a 30 and some really grown up work.  The changes were the only green spots but Andy is a big horse and he is finding his balance now and the trot work in particular has come on a mile since last year. He sits best of the crew in 11th spot.

Tim and Coup de Cour Dudevin (Joker) have had a frustrating spring without being able to get a start outside of intermediate.  The couple of advanced they had planned got scuppered either by balloting or by technicalities that prevented them from starting as a combination so it really was quite the step up in the arena today.  They scored a 31.7 for 13th and there is a bunch of Price horses all together sitting in wait to move up in the jumping.

Another super busy day tomorrow, ordinary weather and a big group of Kiwis out in Ireland so all good fun!