Media Highlights

A stunning photo of Tim and Xavier Faer ( Hugo) advertising the ERM hospitality at Chatsworth and very fitting considering that he is entered!


Meanwhile Classic Moet ( Molly) had the ‘classic’ Molly photo in Horse and Hound as she raced round the advanced at Belton to win it.  Her style may be unique but her heart and soul goes into her cross country and the ears back look is concentration and aerodynamics as opposed to dislike!

Tim and Jonelle had to go cross country schooling with the Badminton horses yesterday which is something of a first!  They headed off to Mike Winter’s base near Cirencester as he has invested in Jump One’s ‘proper grown up’ cross country fences and that is what they needed.

We have fingers crossed that Withington runs this weekend as today is yet another rainy grey day and the ground just doesn’t need any more rain…