Maryland 5* Jog

Maryland 5* Jog

Tim and Joker were reunited when Tim flew out of the UK on Monday night.  He and Jonelle rocked home at 2am from Boekelo on Monday morning and in a few short hours Otis and Abel were delighted to see them again!  A whirlwind day followed and Tim said he was looking forward to catching up some sleep on the flight out to New York.

A few hours driving then saw him arrive at Fairhill ( The event is called Maryland but the actual venue is Fairhill) and we see that Fairhill has been nice to them and has put them at no.23 out of 26 starters.

Tim and Joker jogged up looking cool and collected and hearing Tim announced as World No.1 was the icing on the cake!

So that means dressage on Friday afternoon between 2 and 4pm which is 7 to 9pm UK time and 7 to 9am NZ time. Cross country on Saturday sees the same time frame for the 5* horses and all the relevant information can be found on the Maryland website:

It’s also available to view on Horse and Country TV live.  H and C TV does require a subscription but its easy to set up just for a month and then cancel.