Luhmuhlen Sunday Showjumping

Luhmuhlen Sunday Showjumping

Three horses to jog at 8.30 this morning and all three looked a million dollars thanks to the efforts of Kerryn Edmans and Jade Roberts, and our great Horse health team:Vet Christian Ober, Farrier Jack Young and physio Alice Dorman.  Vitali wasn’t so keen to tread the runway but Tim persuaded him that there were no dragons lurking at the far end.  Spartaco ( Sparty) was revelling in his new found 5 star status and was quite happy to lob down and back again and Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May) belied her 17 years to pop down and back with no drama and a resounding pass.

The jumping started at 10.15 so we soon found ourselves back at the sharp end at the main arena.  Tim jumped as second in with Sparty as he had two horses and Sparty rose to the ocasion admirably to jump a clear round and just added 1.2 time to his tally for the weekend.  He ended up 9th at his 5* debut which is a huge step in his career and a result Tim has been setting up since he was 4 years old.  Sparty was so chuffed with himself as always and went back to his stable as proud as punch.  He has really joined the big boys club now and it’s so well earned.

Vitali was next up for Tim and he had a near deserted warm up to himself and he looked great as he went in 2nd to last, just o.1 behind Felix Vogg.  Vitali has some demons to lay in the jumping and today wasn’t the day for it as he picked up three rails to drop down to 10th which on one hand was hugely disappointing but on the other, how can you possibly be disappointed with 10th at your 5 star debut?  Vitali will win a big one for sure, it’s just a matter of time.

Maggie May went in in 6th spot and not a sound came from the crowd as the bell went and she started her round.  Maggie May has been to Luhmuhlen 4 times and she loves this arena.  The crowd were stacked up in the sunshine, this is her happy place and she might now be 17 but she was determined to show off again. She bust everything she had to leave every single pole in place and just finished one second over the time for yet another round of her life.

Maggie May finished in third and on the podium for the third time at Luhmuhlen. She has won it, been 2nd and now third and what more can you ask. She loves the prize giving and she absolutely revelled in the gallop around the arena in front of the crowd but I ‘m pretty sure she thought she should be in front!

Massive congrats to Felix Vogg who was the first Swiss winner at Luhmuhlen for 70 years.

Team Price took 3 horses: two debutants and a legend. Three in the top 10 is a fabulous result.  Go Team Price.

NZL-Tim Price rides Spartaco during the Showjumping for the CCI5*. 2022 GER-Luhmuehlen International Horse Trials. Salzhausen, Germany. Sunday 19 June 2022. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography