Luhmuhlen Saturday Cross Country

Luhmuhlen Saturday Cross Country

Hot in Luhmuhlen this morning but luckily for us the 5L cross country started first at  9.30 am and there was also a fairly pleasant breeze which made a huge difference.

Spartaco ( Sparty) and Tim were third out and so far no one had made it home.  Sparty was awesome in his mental attitude to tackling his first 5 star; if in doubt, he popped in a couple of trot strides to give him a few seconds to work it out and his scope allowed him to jump comfortably from that.  He was held around half way around and picked up the pace again to come home strongly and with a big grin on his genuine and honest face as he crossed the line and became a true 5 star pony.  It’s so cool to see when he has been with Tim and Jonelle since he was just 4 years old.  Its a long journey but when it works its is so damn cool! Sparty picked up some time (8.4) to sit in eventual 12th at the end of the class and a very credible debut.

Jonelle was out a bit later with Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May) and there had been plenty of problems and just one inside the time.  She and Maggie May just blitzed around that track putting all the demons of her unlucky trip last year behind her to come in just one second under time and a superb round for both of them. They slotted into third at the half way point and were just the second combination to make time.

Tim and Vitali headed out on track and it was a purely class exhibition of cross country riding and a true, proper cross country horse that knows nothing else but to get the other side of the flags. The big white spread into the water was the scene for one of Vitali’s trademark ‘cop this’ enormous leaps which meant Tim could actually hold for the out and they stopped the clock just 5 seconds over the time to hop up a place into 2nd.

Tim is 0.1 off the lead and Jonelle now sits in 6th and not a rail between the first 7 horses.  They sit between 29 and 31.9 so time is going to play a part tomorrow as well.  Whatever happens the team brought out one seasoned campaigner and two five star newbies and they nailed it.

NZL-Jonelle Price rides Faerie Dianimo during the Cross Country for the CCI5*. Interim-6th. 2022 GER-Luhmuehlen International Horse Trials. Salzhausen, Germany. Saturday 18 June 2022. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography