Luhmuhlen jog

Luhmuhlen jog

Well another day another dollar…this time the team are in Germany for Luhmuhlen 5 star.  Its a good hunting ground….Tim has won on Ascona M ( Ava) as well as Wesko ( Dash) and Jonelle has won on Faerie Dianimo  (Maggie May) as well as having been runner up on Maggie May.

Tim jogged Spartacus ( Sparty) and Vitali and and they both flew through despite Vitali looking like he had never seen a jog before.  Thats Vitali, a proper Jack the Lad.  Sparty, as always, just ticked the boxes and jogged beautifully with no drama.

Jonelle and Maggie May looked amazing and breezed up.

Dressage for Sparty tomorrow but Maggie May and Vitali on Friday. Coverage on Horse and Country TV…. and we will keep you posted!