Luhmuhlen CI4*S Dressage and Nunney

Luhmuhlen CI4*S Dressage and Nunney
NZL-Tim Price rides Falco during the Dressage for the Meßmer Trophy mit Deutscher Meisterschaft CCI4*-S. Interim-11th. The Longines Luhmuehlen International Horse Trials. Salzhausen, Germany. Friday 14 June. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Well we have two Prices performing across the stage in Europe and whilst Tim had the luxury of just the one phase today with Falco’s dressage test in the CCI4*S in Luhmuhlen Jonelle had the pleasure of a very very early start at Nunney with 5 horses to ride in two different classes.

Lets start with Tim and Falco who really did pullout all the stops for a PB of just under 70% at his second start at this level.  Hartpury last year was quite the different scale as Luhmuhlen also incorporates the German National Championships so unsurprisingly the first 10 spots were filled by 9 Germans ( 4 of them Michi Jung!) and one Japanese rider.  For Falco to sit in 11th in a field of 53 is pretty amazing and testament to Tim’s training.  The only blip was a late first change in an otherwise seriously grown up test ( huge thanks to Suzanne Houchin for sending me the video!) and the energy and uphill frame was paramount throughout.  There is a great bunch of supportive owners out at Luhmuhlen and they seem to be having fun in the sun… and reminding me on a daily basis how much fun the sun is.

Back in the rain sodden and cool UK Jonelle got up at sparrows fart for 5 horses at Nunney.  Jonelle doesn’t like riding 5 in one day… her preferred max is 4.  She also doesn’t like having to ride 5 horses in two different classes but hey ho!  Her first message to me early today was ” Well I survived the 5 year olds” which is actually a compliment to home rider Lorenzo Monachesi who has done the ground work at BE90 with Totally Cooley ( TC) and C’est le Belle ( Belle).  Thanks to Lorenzo and the past week with Jonelle both 5 year olds were pretty amazing.  Jonelle was walking the track at some unGodly hour and thought she had lost the plot as its been a while since she had a 100….she asked a couple of fellow riders if they thought the 100 a fairly stiff test and they agreed which made her  take a breath and realise she wasn’t losing her mind!

Belle has actually completed a 100 but it was TC’s step up and Jonelle commented that both of them coped amazing well with a stiff enough track! Belle wore a pole and TC a couple but it s all about learning at this stage of the game.  Fun to see Jonelle back at base as its been a while!

The novice horses seem comparatively experienced by comparison! Faerie Magnifico ( George) and Curly Girl did super tests and scored very well as a result.  Gino Gingerino is a chestnut redhead and loves to play around and his test where he acted like a clown didn’t fare so well on the scoreboard!

Curly did a super double clear which has elevated her right up the Jonelle “current favorite”list.  Gino redeemed himself with super jumping phases and George also stepped up as despite having a back rail for 4 faults in the SJ there was none of the spook.. prop..spook..go .. crash which he can do in the treble. Since George is destined for the CI2*S at Arville next that is a very good sign!

So they all went clear cross country, Tim sits in 2nd overnight on Ava going into Luhmuhlen CCI5 *L and 11th on Falco in the CCI4*S.  Jonelle gets a day at home tomorrow to prep her Sunday horses and she is back at Nunney on Sunday with 4 for the OI.

It is still raining and cool in the UK but reports from Luhmuhlen talk of shorts and sunshine.  We are so happy for them.