Luhmuhlen 5L and 4S

Luhmuhlen 5L and 4S

It would appear that in a pandemic there are those who welcome furlough, abide by the rules without question (and literally embrace them) and sit on the sidelines watching life come to a grinding halt.

And then there are those like Tim and Jonelle who, whilst ticking all the boxes ( including spending literally thousands of pounds on PCR tests along the way) and playing by the rules forge ahead with their Olympic dream for 2021 and deal with getting to and enjoying the Sunshine Tour and then, when it looked as though Luhmuhlen was going to be off the cards for UK based riders, dreaming up another plan which had only 24 hours to be executed.

They packed for Millstreet with the knowledge that they would be away for 3 weeks and when the Midi headed back to the UK with the Millstreet Long horses with Jade at the helm and Harriet and Otis and Abel on another adventure the Maxi headed over to France on the long ferry and from there to Tim Lip’s stables in Holland.  Tim has been a brilliant host to both Team Price and Molly Summmerland as well as Team China who were all determined to get to Luhmuhlen and stay within the parameters  set out by the German government.

So it was a little galling, to say the least, that Luhmuhlen announced on Saturday afternoon that the Government had agreed to strictly limited elite sports exemptions after all and particularly annoying to those UK based who had re routed to Bicton 4L and had just finished the cross country!

The jog for the 5L was this afternoon in glorious sunshine and it was a shame that Horse and Country TV had some ‘issues’ yet again. Tim’s two rides, Ringwood Sky Boy (Ozzie) and Ascona M (Ava) looked fantastic as did Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May) for Jonelle.  It is a staggering trio of horses, a Burghley winner, two Luhmuhlen winners and a runner up between them. They also have some exciting prospects for the 4S in Vitali and Senza Fine for Tim and McClaren (Mac) for Jonelle.

The 4S starts dressage tomorrow with Tim second in at 10.07 (BST) on Senza.  Friday morning sees Mac kick off the day at 8.30 (BST) followed by Vitali at 10.41.  Tim then finds himself second into the arena on Ava for the 5L at 12.57 (BST) and  although to be fair to Ava she has never misbehaved on the big stage it will make Tim’s life just a little easier to have that out of the way. Jonelle and Maggie May go at 2.28 which is a nice time for Maggie May, not too early, not too late!  She has always loved the main arena at Luhmuhlen but not so the ‘no crowds’ rule so we will see whether the extra time she and Jonelle have had together works in their favour or not!  Tim comes close to the end with Ozzie at 3.52 which is a nice time for him, everyone else will be nearly finished, the rings will be quieter and he can have some space.  I am sure the much missed Varenna Allen will be watching from above.

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