Luhmuhlen 4S Show Jumping

Luhmuhlen 4S Show Jumping

Six arrived on Monday and just one left today for the showjumping which can only be described as a serious wipe out weekend! One consolation was that 5L dressage leader Molly Summerland finished on that score so none of ours could have won anyway…you look for the small things in a weekend like this!

Whilst the temperature in the UK slid down to 12 degrees it was still stiflingly hot in Germany today. Vitali passed his jog then had a snooze whilst the 5L horses slogged it out in the main arena then pulled off another clear round on day 3 for TP and finished in his 6th position behind some greats of the sport like Michi Jung and Chipmunk.  They dont get better than that on a good day and you wouldn’t want to bet on Michi winning another Gold in Tokyo with that partnership.

Vitali and Tim have very quickly formed a serious partnership and many thanks to owners Alex and Joe Giannamore for  handing the reins to Tim. One of the main reasons for Luhmuhlen was to qualify them for Tokyo and they have now beautifully ticked that box and consolidated a new relationship every further.

Now just around 15 hours to home and they will finally all be back at Mere and zipping home to see Otis and Abel.  Jonelle has confirmed that she will be back on her A game in a couple of days and Maggie May is reportedly on fine form and very sound after their crashing fall.  Slo Mo footage shows that her back feet touched down on the fence decoration which made the super careful Maggie May snap them back up in the air which made her trajectory head first into the ground.  Most horses are not that sensitive cross country to such subtleties!

And the next three day will be Tokyo….