Luhmuhlen 4S Dressage Thursday

Luhmuhlen 4S Dressage Thursday

Well it is hot hot hot out in Luhmuhlen with temps at around 33 and 34 forecast for tomorrow.  With 6 horses  there Team  Price was busy enough today but just the one test in the main arena with Tim and Senza Fine in the 4S.

Senza is a little short on experience at the big time venues and she held her own… her walk was a little tense and one late change seriously affected the score leaving then on 34.1.  The rest was a mixture of 7’s and 6.5 but its all about the experience and Senza is building that slowly having been massively impacted by both some time out and the Covid restrictions.

Jonelle reports that whilst the temp rises the ground hardens.  Luhmuhlen have promised work starts tomorrow on watering and ground maintenance so lets just hope they slip into that amazing German slick action as it is definitely required.  She also says its a true 5 star test with a really decent drop into the second water so the test is most clearly a 5 star one which is why they went there.

A busy day for the crew tomorrow with 6 dressage tests to get through… but what a team they have! Kerryn Edmans, Jess Wilson and Kelsey Biggs.

NZL-Tim Price rides Senza Fine during the Dressage for the CCI4*-S Meßmer Trophy. 2021 GER-Longines Luhmuehlen Horse Trials. Luhmuehlen. Germany. Thursday 17 June 2021. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography