Little Downham

Little Downham

And that’s a wrap on the one days for 2021 with Tim’s sole appearance  at Little Downham today with Xavier Faer (Hugo) and Spartaco ( Sparty) in the advanced.

Hugo kicked off proceedings at a rude ( when the venue is 2.5 hours away) 8am dressage in his prep run for Fairhill 5 star in October. To be fair to Little Downham we did ask for early times!  All credit to Tim and Hugo… they won the dressage with a 28.8 and then Hugo impressed Tim with a super clear showjumping and the a cruisey XC for 13 time to tick all the last boxes before yet another 5* for Hugo in America at Fairhill in October.

Spartaco ( Sparty) was not far behind for a 30.9 on the flat and another double clear but with just 8.4 time for 4th spot and a fabulous last run before his 5* debut in Pau at the end of October. Sparty is really coming into his own and its looking like Pau 5 star will prove he really is a true international prospect for WEG next year and Paris 2024 beyond.

Tim was full of praise for the track…… he said it started off as very readable and came home strong which is exactly the way a rider wants it. He also said he was relived to pop the massive trakhenner that he and Falco came to grief at in the past on both horses without so much as a hesitation and a most definite ‘bury that moment’! Being slammed head first into the ditch is unsurprisingly something that stays with you but both TP and Falco have moved on from that moment so happy days.

Tonight they decamp from Mere Farm and head out to Lignieres.  Brexit means complicated paperwork and the fact that horseboxes have to queue for appointments in Calais for the customs vets so Jonelle has headed out tonight in the midi with Harriet and the kids.  Tim will leave early doors ( like 2 am) with the Maxi and the horses for their 9.30 am Calais customs appointment and they will all meet up at Lignieres tomorrow.  There is a chance they will miss the jog but the beauty of the European organisers is that they will move heaven and earth to make anything possible.

Its kind of cute but inevitable that Tim and Jonelle strive to take Otis and Abel everywhere they can.  It’s part ‘making memories’ and part a pure determination to make it a family affair. As Otis gets more into the school curriculum the more limited they will be but right now they can still make the three days a truly family affair and how cool is that…. making memories indeed. We will keep you posted.