Lignieres Sunday

Lignieres Sunday

Jogs following cross country for Dromgurrihy Gold (Dara), Full Monty de Lacense (FM), Cooley Seeing Magic (Guthrie) and Highly Suspicious (Puff) which all went well and cross country for the Short horses this morning.

It was Guthrie and Cosby Green who ended up the best in the 3L with a clear for 10th spot and Jonelle and FM just a whisker behind them for a clear for 11th.  So nice for both these young horses to finish their season on a double clear and a real tick in the box…..the 3L MERS are so good to get done at the end of the year as opposed to be chasing them next spring.  Tim and Dara didn’t fare quite so well with the out of the double, the next fence which was on a pretty open distance so encouraged the horses to flatten somewhat and the in of the treble.  He got a big tick in the first two phases though and he’s still picked up that all important qualification and really deserves his holiday now.

Fernhill Kankan had her 4S cross country which has come up quite quickly after she found Blenheim all a bit too much and Jonelle said she started out a bit shy but just got better and better as she gained in confidence.  Lignieres has worked out perfectly for her, she’s right back on song and has finished the season on a high note and pulled up to 17th in a big class.  Kankan will also be heading out for some down time!

Priorspark Royal Riff-Raff (Raffi) had the night and half the day to contemplate his step up to international level and he obviously thought about it long and hard and he came out and nailed a great clear in time in his 2S.  He has also finished the season on a great note and Tim was very happy with him today.

The dream didn’t quite come true for Cosby and Puff in the 4L…they slipped to 4th with a rail but it’s still a great result and a whole lot better than Blenheim worked out!  A great qualification at the level and a superb end to Puff’s season in the UK.

So the team will wend their way home wards for a quick turnaround before they head off to Boekelo early Tuesday morning with an exciting bunch of youngsters….Jarillo (Milo), Clever Louis (Louis) and Senor Crocodillo (Diego).  Between Boekelo and Pau ( Viscount Viktor, [Viktor], Happy Boy [Happy], Hiarado [Jools], McClaren [Mac] ) the gap is slowly closing on a whole new bunch of superstars taking the slots vacated by Classic Moet (Molly), Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May), Ringwood Sky Boy (Ozzie), Xavier Faer (Hugo) and Bango (Uno) who all hung up their 5 star boots last year.